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Woodsmith - A company unprecedented in its coverage, impact and scope,


Woodsmith - A company unprecedented in its coverage, impact and scope, designed with focus on corporate communications as a profitable springboard for building a powerful business enterprise - strides confidently into the realm of events and exhibitions ‘Events and Exhibitions’ is a unique world of selling opportunities meticulously planned to drive success more powerfully, strategically and cost effectively than any other Marketing Media. Based on the principle of attacking the basic human senses, it allows physical experience of the product/ brand in a near to real environment. They form a common platform where the buyer meets his probable buy, smells it, touches it, experiences it and eventually possesses it.


An event/ exhibition is considered as a reflection of its company, the actual company in its real form. It encompasses elements of Functionality, Philosophy, Vision and most importantly- Size. Wood smith is a venture and handiwork of a team of hardcore entertainment and communication specialists, who understand the corporate ideology and skillfully translate them into a tangible form. The company rests on the able shoulders of core professionals who have dwelled and grown in the midst of this industry and possess an inexhaustible zeal to perform and excel. The company specializes into conceptualization, designing and fabrication where we undertake all jobs related to an event/ exhibition on turnkey basis. It harnesses new and innovative ideas keeping in line with the latest trends and helps create an environment conducive to the growth of the exhibitor’s brand and his products. With its strategic alliances and tie-ups, the company is equipped to take up any job of any magnitude and class anywhere within India & Abroad.

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